16 May 2017

Completedprojectsper Iquarter of 2017

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1. The project «Authorial Super vision for field development project realization of Ashikol underground waters for injection into formation for maintenance of reservoir pressure of North Truva oil and gas field objects» has been completed, protected and transferred to customer;
2. The statutory maps of Kozhasayand Alibekmolafields development per 1st quarter of 2017 have been completed and transferred to customer;
3. The report with graphic and table applications «Up dating of estimated in dexes of oil, gasandcondensateproductioninthe East and South Urikhtau fields taking into account the approved reserves and resources of SRC of RoK» has been performed and transferred to customer;
4. The report «Construction of economic model of optimized scenario of Urikhtau field development» has been performed and transferred to customer.


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