About company

«Timal Consulting Group» LLPCOMPANY HISTORY

In April 2008,Limited Liability Partnership “Timal Consulting Group” was established to provide a wide range of consulting services in the oil and gas industry, namely:

  • Geologicalstudyofsubsurface, Research and development and composition of research activities;
  • Compositionofprojectdocumentation of research and development and research activities;
  • Performanceofworksandproviding services in the field of environmental protection;
  • Projectsapproval andsupport.

The modern, well-equipped office of company is located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city. Despite the small number of employees, experience, qualification and innovative approach, we are allowed to perform services in high-quality and timely manner.
In 2011, the company submitted application to the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan for registration of name and logotype of Company.

Starting from 2012, the company began the work on providing services in the field of computer programming and software development for oil and gas industry of Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2014, a general license to perform works and provide services in the field of environmental protection, with the right to carry out works on environmental design, rationing for the 1st category of economic and other activities has been received by company.

In 2016, the representation has been opened by company in Atyrau city. The branch of company has highly qualified specialists in its staff.

The Management System in place is designed to ensure the quality of providedservices, to minimize the negative impact on the environment, to eliminate and minimize the risks of personnel and all concerned parties who may be exposed to hazards in the field of occupational safety and health related to the activities carried out by the organization.

The staff of the company’s employees is constantly growing and replenished with highly qualified specialists. At the moment, more than 45 peopleworks in the company.

«TimalConsultingGroup» LLP COMPANY RESOURCES

In its team, “Timal Consulting Group” LLP has highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the oil and gas field, as well as in the field of programming and modeling.

The company’s labor resources are constantly growing and replenished with new employees.

Uptodate,the company staff consists of more than 45 people:

Geologicaldesigning and reserves estimation department -5 persons;

  • Geologicalsimulationdepartment -3 persons;
  • Petrophysicsdepartment -4 persons;
  • Developmentdesigningdepartment-10 persons;
  • Hydrodynamicsimulationdepartment -3 persons;
  • Technology and production department -5 persons;
  • Groundsurfacedesigningdepartment-6 persons;
  • Softwaredesigndepartment-3 persons;
  • ITmaintenancesanddata base department -5 persons;
  • Finances, accountancy, legal coverage andcontractsdepartment -5 persons.

To carry out works and provide high-quality services, the company has all the necessary software:

  • Petrel S/W– geological simulation package;
  • «T-Navigator» S/W-package to perform hydrodynamic calculations, options for oil and gas condensate fieldsdevelopment;
  • Eclipse S/W– package to perform hydrodynamic calculations, options of development of oil and gas condensate fields;
  • «Excel» S/W–preparation andcost-effectivenessanalysisof options for field development;
  •  «AutoCAD LT 2013 Commercial New SLM»S/W- software package for creating, processing and detailing drawings of industrial facilities;
  • «CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7»S/W- software package for creating of professional graphics processing;
  • «ERA» S/W(ERA-Air, ERA-Wastes, Unified Program of air pollution estimation «ECOLOG») – package for the calculation of environmental emissions and air contaminants;
  • Ocean SDK- Petrelplugin development;
  • IP™ Software – well logging datainterpretationand standardization;
  • «BasproOptima»S/W- package for building, assessing the quality and operation of complex geological and technical models of oil and gas fields.