Starting with establishment, more than 200 projects for oil and gas industry of Republic of Kazakhstan has been performed by company:

  1. Formation, adaptation, innovation of geological models;
  2. Formation, adaptation, innovation of hydrodynamic models;
  3. Projects of exploration, appraisal works on prospective structures and areas;
  4. Estimation, reestimation, increment, conversion ofhydrocarbon reserves;
  5. Initialfielddevelopmentplan;
  6. Test production project;
  7. AuthorialSupervisionforrealizationoffields development projects;
  8. Oil and gas fields development analysis;
  9. Technical and economic feasibility study to technical projects;
  10. Delivery, development, training, maintenance service of Software;
  11. Associated gas treatment and utilization programs;
  12. Pre-Environmental Impact Assessment/Environmental Impact Assessment projectsto oil and gas fields development projects.